Mold 101

Molds have caused a high concern for the government because of its effect on residents. It has been one that was not shown much concern before but as the infected houses became more and the affected people increased, the issue became a top priority. Mold is fungi and they are the ones that are located outside or inside of a house in any weather condition. They will just work all throughout the year and you might now know they are in your home.

Molds are working to break down any organic matter located in your house. This is a problem because it would mean the molds will damage the building. The appearance of the building will change and also its smell. due to the molds that have appeared. The mold spores that were created that will be on the damp spot will then grow and would cause health problems. They can live even if no sunlight. That is their advantage.

Some of the sickness that one can have when exposed to the molds are coughing and sneezing. Even if a person is strong, he can suddenly develop the symptoms and suffer from the respiratory tract symptoms in the upper part. Another concern is asthma.  It can trigger it and there were already studies that prove it. People can have hypersensitivity pneumonitis also especially if the person has a weak immune system. There are those who associate the respiratory illness that children experience suddenly even if they are a healthy person.